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Hika's kick-starting this all over again! This time, properly! DC will be aiming for release as a Visual Novel Game, and the project will start Mid November 2011!

... by start of course, it means we start putting the game together, not release it 8'D;;

Please read the blog entry for more details! >A<


:: two Difference yet One by tt022 :: two Difference yet One :icontt022:tt022 271 26
Hey guys! Sorry for the late announcement orz I had promised that I would announce the team around mid-October so we could all get acquainted, but APH Day and School Happened, and suddenly I didn't have the time to start this at all T___T

It's nearing the end of October already, so I thought I should just get this together first!

First of all, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR OFFERS TO HELP. I had not expected such a great response from so many people >___<;;; My gratitude for your support cannot be expressed in words!

QvQ;; It also saddens me that in order to ensure that the team is manageable, I will have to turn down a few of you before I end up with a huge team that I cannot keep track of properly... T___T It was a really difficult decision for me to make, especially with all the really interesting audition entries you guys sent in... ;___; Thank you thank you all for your offers to help! It would make Hika really happy if you guys continued to support DC as potential players instead OvQ/ (eh, it might even be more fun for you all this way XD)

Without further delay then, here's the crew list for the project!

Script + Scenario Writers
:iconredrockinrose: :iconstephilynn:
Guys you have the largest workload at the beginning because I just realised how un-detailed my initial scripts/scenarios are ^q^;; Hope you'll be alright with that!

Yes Cass you told me you could do this for me I don't care if it's a passing comment.  
Just an additional role I threw in because I think we'll need this orz Cass will be in-charge of going through the scripts and ensuring that they are consistent and all that.

:iconkiyoko-chan: :iconkasumicc:

Interface Designer

Sound Designer
I understand that you've yet to send me your composed sample, but I've made this decision based off the audition pieces you've sent me OuOb

Characters - :iconseed-chan: :iconbondofflamex:
Layout - :iconelany27:
Props - :iconamaru7227:
I've placed people into specific slots according to what I felt came across strongest in their submissions (and also because some people have specified what they would like to design for), but you guys might need to work together/collaborate/design other things together at some point OvO;; Let's see how it goes!

Layout Artist + Colourist
No one else signed up for these roles so I guess it's just you and me OwOb;; L-let's work hard together!

Beta Players
Guys give me a bit more time to get back to you all... Mainly because
a. I haven't read through all the fics you've sent me, and I don't want to waste the effort you guys put into picking them T__T;;
b. I'm actually thinking if I should go for a "the more the better" policy with beta-players and just accept everyone who signed up D:

I'll either do another announcement here when the project kicks off, or I'll send you guys individual notes about this decision sometime soon >_<! Thanks for your understanding!

--- For the Crew! ---

Guys, I need to know if you're all still alive, so leave a comment if you're still around, still free, still interested and can still make the commitment to this project! O^O;;;

Please also tell me what your preferred choice of group communications/discussions will be - I'm a little skeptical about dA's admin area system - as much as the group itself is a great place to share art and do announcements I think it's a little lacking for the mass-brainstorm type of planning that we will need for the starting phase of the project...
Convince me if you think otherwise =q=

So... would you guys prefer:
- message boards/forum
- group wiki
- google groups
- any other suggestions of interesting tools for collaboration and discussion that I don't know of? It'll need to allow us to discuss/chat, post pictures without too much hassle, lock it off somehow from the public so we don't spoil the game for the players, and if possible pass files around to each other D:

As I've announced, we'll probably only be starting the project after Mid-November (once I get AFA and Exams and School out of the way), but let's just... get to know each other and get used to our working styles for now yea? C:

If possible I'd also like to know which part of the world you are in (actually you can just tell me your time zone XD) so that I can have a vague idea of when I can get hold of each of you! C: Much thanks!
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Kind of sort of, but not completely? Q^Q Right now even Hika is really busy (I'll have her speak for herself though if she ever decides to post a journal regarding this) so it's quite postponed, but it is not going to be dropped =^=9
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